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jessica-jung-fanart krystal-jung-fanart Choi-Sooyoung-fanart jessica-fan-art baekhyun-fanart krystal-fanart


 yahima-logo-draft yahima-logo-draft2 yahima-logo3 yahima-logo-green


 Donor-darah-brosur yahima-brochure brosur-khitan-massal brosur-islamic-voice-festival poster-marvellous-luar spider by v-signed

Fanfic Poster

our problem i just an ordinary girl2 On the bus who are you wpid-midnight-by-lee-yong-mi.jpg wpid-midnight-by-lee-yong-mi.jpg my favorite song by Vi midnight-xiumin-by-lee yong mi midnight kris by lee yongmi i got a baby by wolveswifeu a thousand letter by kwon soo hjin the mystery of chocolate by vi if exo in love by milky maknae do you love me sj scandal season3 y2s2 called love by kwon soo hjin our moment a step closer by v-signed midnight lay by lee yongmi home sweet home midnight do by lee yong mi a thousand kissesjust you only you by namlove&girls - hug&kiss midnight kai by lee yong mi flashback by park minha midnight sehun by lee yong mi midnight youngjae by lee yong mi

Header and Welcome Posters

   wp-header-2 wp-header-black cropped-v-signed-header-krys.png rabbit choco jelly header

attention attention-black theme attention-vintage-theme

Credit pngs, texture, PSD, etc :

~MyShinyBoy @ deviantart

Aranza @ deviantart

Sabine Fichser @ deviantart

Ameer-sa @ deviantart

=Thy-Darkest-Hour @ deviantart

=So-ghislaine @ deviantart

~Missesglass @ deviantart

~SamOuthiner @ deviantart

~AliceMeraviglia @ deviantart

IliTakishimaCho @ deviantart

*Marmitemamie @ deviantart

All of this picture was edited by ME in Photoshop CS5.

Don’t claim anything as yours.

But, all the contains are not mine, I just EDITED this. If you have the copyright, tell me and I’ll include it.

N.B : If you want, you can ask me how to make it 🙂 Enjoy~


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